Al Die Casting

Aluminum die casting products produced by Blisk Casting help engineers all over the world to make their designs a reality.

Innovation & Development

The development, design and engineering phases of a new product are critical, as the decisions taken in these early stages largely determine the final costs of volume production and the quality of the final product. At Blisk Casting, we possess extensive knowledge and experience in the field of die-casting and apply the input we receive […]

Machining & Assembly

Die-casting technology is an optimal solution for mass production of technical light metal parts. In combination with machining and surface treatment operations, we deliver high quality components directly to assembly lines. The state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment allows us to create highly customizable die castings. We aim to ensure complete customer satisfaction, and the tools we […]


Thanks to its in-house toolmaking facility, Blisk is able to meet customers’ needs quickly, efficiently and with exceptional flexibility. Our main advantage is our highly experienced development department with a longstanding tradition of making individual tooling. Moreover, we also collaborate very closely with our reliable tool developing partners who ensure more price sensitive tools, in […]

About Us

One of the largest-family owned aluminium foundries in Slovenia. Quality and affordability are in the forefront of our strategy. Our services are focused entirely to your needs.



News and Events

1 Oct

EXPO2020 in Dubai

Blisk Casting is focused on sustainability, green technologies, corporate social responsibility, committed to reducing the carbon footprint and caring for the natural and social environment. Those are also the main topics of EXPO2020 in Dubai!Blisk is going to exhibit at EXPO2020 Dubai from 01-08 October-2021. Please, come to visit us!Let's meet in Dubai!

2 Sep

Blisk is on the digital showroom Europages!