Quality control

CNC measuring

Blisk Casting has CNC measuring machines, which are used to accurately measure all the product-related dimensions from the mould manufacturing phase to the final checking phase.

X ray machine

In addition to machining checks, Blisk Casting uses an X-ray imaging machine to check product quality.

Spectral analysis

Aluminium die-castings are not made from pure aluminium but from different alloys with specific material properties (such as tensile strength and corrosion resistance). In order to check and prove that these alloys comply and continue to comply with the alloy-specific properties, Buvo uses a spectral analyser with which all aluminium alloys can be analysed.

Micro endoscopy

Blisk Casting has analogous and digital micro- and endoscopes. With these measurement tools product details can be magnified up to 250X and deep drilled holes can be inspected.

This way quick analyses of surface conditions, (micro) porosities, cracks, burrs etc. are possible. Furthermore the dimensions of these deviations can be determined and recorded.